VIDEO: Amidst Challenges DOE Superintendent Says Student Learning Is Top Priority


Guam – Poor infrastructure and a tight budget are just some of the challenges that the Department of Education faces but Superintendent Jon Fernandez says those issues should not distract DOE from focusing on its mission, educating students.

Since students are most impacted by their teachers when it comes to learning Fernandez, who was the guest speaker at today’s Rotary Club of Northern Guam meeting, says Teachers are critical.

“We can talk all we want about how to change education but if our teachers aren’t carrying it out into the classroom we’re done, we failed.”

While Fernandez says education begins in the classroom DOE’s financial situation has prevented money from going toward basic classroom supplies which is why Fernandez says the bulk of a $2.8 Million Compact Impact grant is being spent by teachers.

“The teachers themselves are making decisions and choices about what they want to purchase,” Fernandez said explaining that the central office still has authority over how the money is used.

Fernandez thanked Rotary all the ways it assists Guam’s public schools and said that he hopes to establish an Educational Foundation to include the community in meeting DOE’s needs.