VIDEO: Animal Control Catches Dogs That Mauled Yigo Woman


Guam – The dogs that attacked a Yigo woman sending her to the hospital have been picked up by animal control officers.


Monday, PNC News reported on a vicious dog attack that highlights the need for animal control officers despite the Department of Agriculture’s plans to shut that division down.


The pack of boonie dogs that attacked Yigo resident Brenda Mendoza mauling her legs have been caught.

“We got the report this morning the animal control officers went and investigated and were able to apprehend all four dogs that were involved,” said territorial veterinarian Dr. Tom Poole. Dr. Poole says that the animal control officers worked with the Yigo vice mayor to identify the owners of the boonie dogs who were then cited.

The four dogs have been held in what is called bite hold custody for ten days.

Although Guam is rabies free this bite hold custody is necessary to be sure that the dogs are not rabid. Rabid dogs will usually die within ten days of biting someone.

Dr. Poole says this is a rare attack. “Yes in my experience I would say it’s unusual for all four dogs to be involved for it to be a female and for now it’s inexplicable,” said Dr. Poole adding, “Usually these bite cases when they get fairly severe in my experience it’s usually a male i don’t know why dogs seem to be more often involved with bites on males instead of females that’s also my experience working in veterinary clinics though…dogs are often more frightened of a males than they are of a female and many bites are a result of fear.”

 Regardless of the cause of the attack Dr. Poole says the dogs will likely be put down after their ten day bite hold. Although dog attacks like this are rare Dr. Poole says that Guam still has a big problem with strays and not enough people to control them.

In addition to this the Department of Agriculture has submitted a plan to Governor Calvo to reduce spending by eliminating Dr. Pooles position, and all their animal control officers.

So how will the government control animals? “I’m not sure. I was not consulted none of the division chiefs were consulted prior to the publication of this reorganization plan the director was off-island she was not able to concur with it, it’s just a plan to my knowledge Governor Calvo hasn’t gone forward with this plan and for me personally I have great confidence in Governor Calvo’s ability to get this right so whatever the right answer is when they’re finished with it’ll probably be the right answer,” said Dr. Poole

 Although the territorial veterinarian’s position is up for elimination Dr. Poole explains that the government really can’t eliminate the position because a territorial vet is required by law. The territorial vet approves of all animals coming into the island of Guam and enforces quarantines.