VIDEO: Annual Training & Exercise Workshop Prepares Guam to Handle Future Disasters


Guam- Guam Homeland Security and the Office of Civil Defense have brought island leaders and first responders together today [Tuesday] for a special Training and Exercise Planning Workshop.

FEMA Region 9 Training and Exercise Specialist Larry Dove says the workshop is a requirement that they support annually. He mentions the goal is to get together and work out plans for the next couple of years to prepare Guam to respond to disasters and events. 

Dove notes by developing a strategic multi-year training and exercise plan, it will improve preparedness levels of participating agencies. The workshop will also identify a cycle of exercises that increases Guam’s capabilities.

“They do a process where they look at all their threats on island,” said Dove. “It’s everything from typhoons to earthquakes to floods and they look at which ones are the ones they expect to happen. Obviously they are really concerned a lot about the typhoons and earthquakes, but floods happen a lot. So they’ll be looking at all the events and see what schedule they need to do to do the training and exercises. See what they can do and can’t do.”

The workshop was held at the Sheraton Laguna Resort.