VIDEO: Anti-Casino Referendum Fails to Get Signatures Needed to Be Placed on CNMI Ballot in November


Saipan – Ant-casino proponents on Saipan failed to put their referendum petitions on the Nov. 4 general elections after both didn’t get at least 20 percent of CNMI registered voters’ valid signatures.

The Office of the Attorney General’s Aug. 6 decision on the petitions come on the same day the Lottery Commission approved a minimum $2-billion casino development agreement that would become final once the parent company of Best Sunshine International Ltd. accepts it.



That’s also the last day for filing petitions and candidacies with the Commonwealth Election Commission.

Each of the referendum petitions is required to muster at least 3,243 signatures, or 20 percent of registered CNMI voters as required by Article 9 Section 2(a) of the NMI Constitution.