VIDEO: APIL Wraps up Board of Directors Meeting on Guam; Will Hold Beach Cleanup Saturday


Guam – The Association of Pacific Island Legislatures board of directors held it’s last meeting on Guam today.

APIL Vice-President Kenneth A. Kedi a senator from the Marshall islands says this has been both an enjoyable and fruitful meeting on Guam. 

He says they’ve discussed a range of regional issues including things like connecting what they call the blue continent or Oceania and all of it’s islands.

They’ve also discused human trafficking, health, and environmental issues. Kedi says they’ve accomplished a lot including the adoption of 7 resolutions even though resolutions are usually handled by the general assembly and not the board of directors.

One of these resolutions includes the resolution introduced by Guam lawmakers to promote a ferry system between Guam and Rota.

 “It’s been going great. This is our last day today aside from tomorrow we’ll be doing some community work cleaning one of the beaches here in Guam we’re looking forward to that too. As our contribution to our hosts and the people of Guam here. We’ve accomplished a lot and we’ve had an agenda that we’ve had to follow and thus far we’ve done great,” said Kedi. The APIL’s general assembly will meet in the marshall islands in july.