VIDEO: Asan-Maina Mayor Miffed Over Delay in Cutting Down ‘Leaning’ “Monkey Pot” Tree


Guam – A monkeypod tree in the village of Asan was teetering for a couple of days after tropical storm Halong.

Asan/Maina Mayor Joanna Margaret Blas says that her crews were able to begin cutting the tree down today with the help of GPA bucket trucks but she’s a bit disappointed that it took this long for her office to get assistance from the other GovGuam agencies.

This large monkeypod tree was on the edge of collapse on the road that heads up the Asan/Maina side of Nimitz hill. Asan/Maina Mayor Joana Margaret C. Blas says she brought up concerns about this tree to the Department of Agriculture a year ago.

“We did a drive through to assess all the trees that needs to be trimmed down and they said when your ready give us a call. I sent an email to other agencies because these are some concerns that have been brought up and so I’ve been waiting and I’ve been following up,” said Mayor Blas.

However, she says since last year nothing was done about this particular tree “We had to wait for this tropical storm Halong to take effect,” said Blas. Even then she says help was slow in coming. She says she tried to contact the Department of Public Works yesterday. “There was no response to my email I sent them an email no response,” said Mayor Blas.

 She doesn’t really have the authority to shut down a road herself but she had to do something. “I had to have my staff do traffic control up to one o clock this morning and then I had to call them up 6 o’clock this morning to go back and do traffic control again,” said Mayor Blas.

 Last night she went up to homeland security to personally to show them pictures of the tree and then she was assisted with a couple of bucket trucks from GPA. “I thank them for helping us out but we need to be proactive and not wait till disaster comes by,” said Mayor Blas.

 Mayor Blas says there are other areas of her village that need trimming and she hopes she can get some assistance to do so before the next storm or typhoon comes our way.