VIDEO: Association Formed to Educate Public on Use and Benefits of Renewable Energy


Guam- A new non profit organization has emerged to help educate island residents on renewable sources of energy and move the growing industry forward.

The formation of the Guam Renewable Energy Association (GREA) was announced Wednesday afternoon at the Guam Energy Office during a proclamation ceremony declaring “Guam Renewable Energy Day.”

GREA is made up of  22 companies that are essentially the energy experts on island. They consist of renewable energy developers, installers, contractors, engineers, architects and other key officials.

GREA President Jeff Voacolo explained they joined forces to help lower Guam’s carbon footprint and increase energy savings.

“Getting together with all the contractors here on Guam. it just made sense for us to form together to try to move this industry forward,” said Voacolo. “Right now, Guam is in an infancy stage in the renewables, but you know, Guam is absolutely the perfect place to do renewable energy.”

So what does this mean for local residents? Voacolo said economics for home owners and business owners are now making sense.

“So the technology and price have come down,” added Voacolo. “What does that mean for the customer now is renewable energy, although it’s not parody with grid power, we’re getting closer.”

Voacolo says he sees the expansion of renewable energy in Guam’s near future with assistance from the Guam Power Authority (GPA). He also mentions GREA is planning outreach efforts in the coming months to educate the private and public sector on advantages of renewable energy and how affordable it is.

“We’re working together with GPA,” remarked Voacolo. “We consider them our partner in energy and working together, we can get through these obstacles and we can work together and make renewable energy a viable industry here on Guam, helping everyone in the community lower their utility bills.”

A GREA website is coming soon. But for more information on the non profit energy association and its mission, call (671) 487-3763 or send an email to .