VIDEO: Avelino Takes Round 2 of Proline Drift Series


Guam – Sunday afternoon cleared up nicely at the Guam International Raceway in Yigo for Round 2 of the 2014 Proline Drift Series presented by Monster Energy Drink, Napa Auto Parts / Valvoline, and GoPro. Also brought to you by Outback Steakhouse and Hafa Adai Signs.

A mix of Guam’s 12 expert class drivers and Novice drivers mashed up for an exciting afternoon of drifting which was streaming live online courtesy of the Aclaro family who filmed and IT&E for the high speed wireless internet.

The lineup with results of their qualifying runs (Best of 3 judged solo runs) to determine their place in the tandem battles:

1.) Ron Avelino 275pts

2.) Arvin Aviles 220pts

3.) Carl Bungabong 215

4.) Rex Deseo 205

5.) Luke Duenas 200

6.) Laban Duplichan 190

7.) Don Cabuhat 175

8.) Matthew Palarca 170

9.) Von Burrell 141

10.) Jaimee Mendiola 140

11.) Diana Guevarra 130

12.) Bryan Mejares 100

 Short of 16 drivers, the top 4 were seeded into the second round of eliminations while #5 – 12 battled to get their spot.

9.) Burrell vs. 8.) Palarca = Palarca led while Burrell chased but when Palarca spun out on turn 2, it gave Burrell the 10-0 point lead. Changing places when Burrell leading and Palarca in the chase car, Burrell maintained his line and had a better drift that earned him a 6-4 lead on Palarca advancing Burrell to the next round.

12.) Mejares vs. 5.) Duenas = Duenas led the first run and spun out on the down hill turn number 2 automatically giving Mejares the points for the run. Switching places with Duenas chasing Mejares, Duenas spins out again on turn 2 giving away the round to Mejares who advances to the next round.

10.) Mendiola vs. 7.) Cabuhat = Cabuhat led the first run while Mendiola chased, Mendiola loses control and spins-out giving Cabuhat the points 10-0 for that run. Switching places Cabuhat chased and Mendiola chased. Cabuhat spins out giving Mendiola the points. with a tie in points they went into a “one more time” sudden death match. Cabuhat led the first run stronger than Mendiola with a early entry and maintained his drift getting close to the clipping points giving him the point advantage of 6/4. Trading places Mediola led with Cabuhat chasing. Cabuhat maintained speed and pressure and edged Mendiola with a 6/4 on that round too making him advance to the next round.

11.) Guevarra vs. 6.) Duplichan = Duplichan led the first run with Guevarra following behind. Duplichan had a strong entry but could not hold it into the next turn causing a spin-out and giving all the points to Guevarra. Guevarra led the next run pushing much harder than we seen her do in qualifying, maintaining her drift thru the turns with Duplichan chasing her down. Duplichan pushed a little too much and spins out. giving Guevarra the automatic win to proceed to the next round.

Second Round of Eliminations:

1.) Avelino vs. Burrell = Avelino led the first run with hitting every corner real nice and getting each clipping point with Burrell trailing behind him. Burrell loses control and gives the run to Avelino. Trading places, Burrell leads with Avelino chasing. both guys go hard and make an identical run earning them a tie of 5/5 in points but it’s not enough for Burrell and Avelino advances to the Semis.

4.) Deseo vs. Mejares = Deseo led the first run with Mejares chasing. Deseo runs real strong and earns a 8/2 advantage over Mejares. Switching places, Mejares led with Deseo in the chase car, Mejares spins out in front, Deseo avoids him and finishes the course with a lead on that run 10/0 moving him up to the semi finals against Avelino.

2.) Aviles vs. Cabuhat = Aviles led the first run with Cabuhat behind him. Cabuhat loses control and spins out giving Aviles the points for the first run. Second run with Cabuhat leading and Aviles chasing, Cabuhat pushes hard and tries to gain back points. Aviles holds his lines and tries to maintain. They finish with a 5/5 but its not enough for Cabuhat. Aviles advanced to the Semi finals.

3.) Bungabong vs. Guevarra = Bungabong the newcomer to the series led the first run against Guevarra pushing hard and hitting the lines that the judges were looking for and earned a 7/3 points lead against Guevarra. Guevarra led the next run with Bungabong following. Guevarra pushed hard and did not open any doors for Bungabong to take advantage of. Bungabong struggled to adjust to Guevarras speed but kept the distance close giving them both a 5/5 tie in pints but with Carl’s points in the first run he advanced to the Semi finals.

Semi Finals:

Avelino vs. Deseo = Avelino led the first run against Deseo with clean lines and nice speed while Deseo looked like he was having issues with his car. Avelino takes the first run with a 8/2 points lead. Switching places Deseo led with Avelino chasing. Avelino managed to hit the designated clipping points without making errors giving him a 6/4 points lead over Deseo. Avelino advanced to the finals.

Aviles vs. Bungabong =  This battle went back and forth a few times. First round Aviles beat Bungabong 6/4 then when they switched places Bungabong took it with a 6/4 tying them up for a sudden death match. Going at it again Arvin spins out on the first run giving Bungabong the points 10/0, then after they traded places Bungabong spins out giving Aviles 10/0… Third time is the charm. Aviles leads the firs run, spins out right in front of Bungabong, Bungabong could not avoid him and made contact swapping some paint with Aviles. Bungabong got the points for that first run 10/0. A bit shaken up, Bungabong led the next run hard with Aviles trying to maintain composure, very close but not enough. Bungabong takes that round with a 5.5/4.5 lead and advanced into the finals against Ron Avelino.

Battle for 3rd:

Deseo vs. Aviles = Aviles leads the first run clean with Deseo right on his tail. Deseo tried to get the points advantage but made some errors going too wide on turn 2 and 3 giving Aviles the points advantage of 7/3. Trading Places Deseo led against Aviles pushing hard with Aviles trying to catch up but maintaining lines. Deseo takes the win on that run with a 6/4 against Aviles but its not enough. Aviles wins the battle and takes 3rd place overall.


Avelino vs. Bungabong = The more experienced Avelino led the first run with Bungabong chasing behind. Avelino takes the first run with a 8/2 lead. Trading places, Bungabong led the the last run real aggressive with Avelino chasing behind. Bungabong actually edges Avelino by just a bit and takes it with a 5.5/4.5 but its short. Avelino takes the pole position as 1st place winner of Round 2 of the 2014 Proline Drift Series.


1. Ron Avelino

2. Carl Bungabong

3. Arvin Aviles


Tom Akigami

Lee Webber

Jim Cruz


Article from a press release.