VIDEO: Back to Square One on Taitano Dump; GEPA Board Rescinds All Penalties, Will Try Again


Guam – The Board of Directors of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency voted to rescind all penalties against Joseph Taitano Thursday afternoon, even though they believe he is operating a massive illegal dump site in Yigo.

The Board’s vote was a a formality, required weeks ago after the Superior Court concluded that Taitano did not receive proper notification of the penalties against him.

Following the vote to rescind the penalties against Taitano, Guam EPA Spokeswoman Tammy Joe Andersen Taft said:

“Guam EPA is under the firm belief that we have a solid case against Mr. Taitano and the Board of Directors has instructed the GEPA Administrator to move forward with the case. And in our opinion an environmental violation has most definitely occurred.”.

However, before the vote, Taft told PNC News that GEPA has to take one-step back, before they can move forward again.

It was more than 10 years ago when Guam EPA first cited Taitano for allowing the illegal dumping of tires, household waste and construction debris into a coral pit on his property.

The un-stable dump site even sparked a deep seeded fire about two years ago, forcing an evacuation of nearby residents.


Taft says the drawn out case has already cost tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money, and it will cost even more to properly close the dump and clean it up to prevent any further environmental contamination.

But to date, Joseph Taitano has not paid any penalty or fine since the first Notice of Violation was issued to him over 10 years ago.