VIDEO: Bail Set at $100-Thousand Cash for Rape Suspects


Guam – 21 year old Gibson Billias and 17 year old Hen Henry appeared before Magistrate’s Judge Alberto Tolentino on charges of raping 2 girls Saturday. One aged 15 and the other only 11 years old.

Both were charged with 2 counts of First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct.  Judge Tolentino set a cash bail of $100-thousand dollars for each of them.

Also charged in the complaint with First Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct was  19 year old Helpme Roby.  AG Spokeswoman Carlina Charfarous says Roby was “still at-large” as of Monday afternoon.

A 14 year old boy is also accused, he is identified in the Magistrate report only by the initials D.J.S.

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE

GPD Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia says Dededo Precinct got the call about 7am Saturday morning about a “Beyond Control” and “intoxicated” 15 year old girl living in the Santa Ana Subdivision.

According to the Magistrate complaint, the 15 year old girl told police she saw another girl, possibly passed out, in a jungle area by the housing complex. “She probably doesn’t know what is being done to her,” said the 15 year old to police.

Officer immediately went to the scene, where they saw several young men running away. Then they found the other girl,  11 years old, lying in a drainage ditch filled with trash, states the report.

It took several minutes, but the 11 year old finally opened her eyes and started crying. She said she was hurt,  and that she had been sexually assaulted.

Officers noted grass stains and sticker burrs in her hair, scratches on her knees and elbows, and a swelling bruise on her forehead. She also reported pain in her groin,  which she said hurt a lot, according to the report.

The officers noted a strong odor of alcohol. They confiscated 2 empty vodka bottles at the scene.

The 15 year old girl told police she saw one of the suspects, Gibson Billias,  motion to the three other young men and say “Come on all you young bucks”. Then the girls says she told one of the other suspects, 17 year old Henry, “You guys are messed up.”  Henry then reportedly hit her in the mouth and told her if she said anything he and his boys would rape her too.

The 15 year old said she couldn’t remember what happened to her next. The Magistrate reports says detectives later learned that the 15 year old also complained of pain in her groin, and there was blood in her shorts.

Billias told police he was only the lookout as he witnessed the others having sex with the 2 girls.

But according to the Magistrate report,  Henry and the 14 year old boy told detectives that they, along with Roby and Billias, all had sex with the girls. And that Billias provided the vodka, and forced the victims to drink it.

Billias, Roby and Henry all face a minimum 15 years, to a maximum life in prison if they are convicted.  The 14 year old is confined at the Department of Youth Affairs.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for next week Thursday,  the day after Christmas.

READ the release from Officer Balajadia below.


DEDEDO – 7:00am, Saturday, December 14, 2013, Officers from Dededo Precinct received a call about a Beyond Control 14-year-old female minor who was intoxicated in the Santa Ana Subdivision area.  The combative female was located and then transported to the Dededo Precinct.  The girl reportedly
was forced to drink alcohol and was raped by at least four male suspects. During the interview with the 14-year-old it was determined that the there
was another girl who had not been located.  Officers made a check of the jungle in the Santa Ana area and an 11-year-old female, unclothed and
intoxicated within a concrete water pipe.

GIBSON BILLUG, m/Chuk/20/Dededo, was arrested for 2 counts Criminal Sexual Conduct, Conspiracy and Jurisdiction over and Adult.  He was booked and

Two (2) 15-year-old male minors/Chuk/Dededo, were taken into custody and charged with 2 Counts Criminal Sexual Conduct, and Conspiracy. They were
confined at the Department of Youth Affairs.

This case remains opened, an additional male adult has yet to be located and is wanted in reference to his involvement in this case.

Child Protective Services, Healing Hearts and the Guam Police Departments Victims Advocate Unit are all involved with insuring the minor girls get
the needed help in dealing with these acts that were taken against them by these suspects.

A J. Balajadia
Guam Police Department Spokesperson