VIDEO: Governor Signs Alternate ARRA Funding Bill #496


Guam  –  Governor Eddie Calvo says he is satisfied that the latest ARRA funding extension bill does NOT contain any poison pills and he will sign it into law.

Bill #496 was passed last week in the wake of the legislature’s failure to over-ride the governor’s veto of  Bill 516.

The Governor said it contained a poison pill which transferred funds meant for Mental Health to UOG, GCC and the Retirement Fund. A move which could have placed GovGuam in contempt said the Governor, although Speaker Won Pat countered that the Governor had no legal basis for concluding that.

However in the wake of the veto, lawmakers did approve an alternate measure to extend the ARRA funding and that is Bill 496.


The bill authorizes GovGuam to enter into contracts committing the remaining ARRA funds which U.S. DOE has given GovGuam another year to spend on much needed improvements to the island’s public schools.