VIDEO: Bill Fining Employers Who Hire Unauthorized Workers Wins Support


Guam – Senator Rory Respicio’s Committee on Foreign and Micronesian Affairs heard testimony Tuesday on a measure that would impose fines on employers who hire aliens who are not authorized to work on Guam.

Bill #130 was introduced by Senator Tom Ada. He explained that the measure is designed to close a loop hole in the current law which allows un-authorized workers who are arrested to be bailed out by their employer while they await deportation,  which could take years. His measure would hold those employers accountable by imposing fines against them for hiring un-authorized foreign workers.

Manny Cruz,  the Acting Director of  the Department of  Labor endorsed the bill.


The Bill calls for a $1-thousand dollar fine, per worker, for a first offense. A $2-thousand-500 dollar fine would be imposed for a second offense. And upon a third offense, an employer would face a fine of $5-thousand dollars for each worker they employed who was not authorized to be work on Guam.