VIDEO: Blas, Bordallo Both Confident of Victory


Guam – After  representing Guam in Congress since 2003, Madeleine Bordallo faced her first challenger in a general election since her first term today.

After Democratic Challenger Karlo Dizon and Independent Candidate Jonathon Diaz were eliminated from the ballot in the primary election, today the choice came down to Bordallo or Republican Frank Blas Jr. 

“I’ve been in many of these elections without opposition so this is something that is a little different” told PNC after voting at Tamuning Elementary School this morning. “Its a contest and my late husband was a great politician, he knew how to do it he always told me you know never take an election for granted.”

After casting his vote at PC Lujan Elementary School shortly after the polls opened, Blas said Guam’s leadership is in the hands of the voters.

“Today is a great day for the people they are going to be deciding as to the future of their island who’s their leadership,” Blas told PNC. “Its been a long last few months but it was for great opportunities that we were able to meet with thousands of people. Today we just hope that the voters do come out and they voice what their choice of who their leaders will be.”