VIDEO: Blue House Attorneys Rest Their Cases, Closing Arguments Next Tuesday


Guam – After more than three weeks of witness testimony in the Blue House prostitution trial, the prosecution and the defense have rested their cases in chief.


The defense rested their case Friday after calling their final witness, an investigator with the Attorney General’s Office, Juan Salas. Salas testified that he examined all bank records for the three police officers, Anthony Quenga, David Manila, who are on trial, and Mario Laxamana who pleaded guilty.

Salas said in court that he was not able to link any of the officers’ bank records to Blue House.// Meanwhile, Judge Anita Sukola scheduled closing arguments for next Tuesday at 9 am. She warned the 14 member jury not to read or listen to any media reports and to keep an open mind about the case.

Officers Manila and Quenga are facing a total of 17 charges with multiple counts of prostitution, kidnapping, criminal sexual conduct and conspiracy charges. Over the last three weeks, several female employees of the former Blue House lounge took the stand, some wailing, others stoic, but all accusing the officers of threatening to arrest them if they did not listen to Song Ja Cha, or Mamasan, the former bar owner.

Yesterday, Officer Manila took the stand in his own defense, admitting to paying for sex at Blue House, but denying all the charges against him. If found guilty, Manila and Quenga could be sentenced to life behind bars.