VIDEO: BLUE HOUSE – Supervisor Freda Eseun Cross Examined


Guam – Freda Eseun was back on the stand today in the Blue House prostitution trial. Eseun, who was cross examined today, has been described as Song Ja Cha’s right hand woman in the prostitution ring.

On trial are Police Officers David Manila and Anthony Quenga for their alleged involvement in the prostitution at Blue House. Eseun was asked to clarify some statements she made about Officer Quenga.

Yesterday, Eseun testified that when one of the girls ran away while at California Mart with Cha and the girls, Cha called her friend, Tony, or Officer Quenga. Eseun recalled that Quenga showed up right away and told Cha that he could not find the runaway. Eseun, however, could not confirm whether Quenga was really involved in that search.

“So five years later from the time that happened, you remember Mamasan at a table with all of you girls and she asked Tony, ‘Did you find her.’ You said Tony answered no, is that correct?” asked Quenga’s attorney, Sylvia Stake.

Eseun says, “Yes, I remember, because Mamasan always mentions him name, he even brought Mamasan case of crab.”

“But when you said that Tony answered no when he responded to the call, you don’t know whether he was lying to Mamasan, do you?”

“No, I don’t know. We don’t go around looking, we don’t go with them to look around for he,” says Eseun.

Stake also asked Eseun about a greeting card the girls gave to Cha, or Mamasan with their pictures in it.

“Do you remember the card where it says at the top, ‘Thank you, mom.’ Where it had a picture of all you girls?’ Stake asked, noting that Eseun and all the other girls signed the card when they gave it to Mamasan.

But Eseun says she never signed the card herself. “Yes, there is everybody inside [sic], their names inside, but Jackie the one [sic] write our names.”

Trial continues Thursday morning. Former Officer Mario Laxamana, who was charged in the case but took a plea deal to avoid jail time, could be called to testify tomorrow.