VIDEO: Bordallo Sworn in to 5th Term in Congress


Guam – Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo was sworn into her 5th term of office Wednesday in Washington. The swearing in of the 112th Congress marks a change in power in the U-S House from democrat to republican control.

Bordallo is one of Guam’s longest-serving delegates. Antonio Won Pat served 6-terms in the 70s and 80s.

House republicans now numbering 242, easily elected Ohio republican John Boehner as the new House Speaker,  replacing outgoing democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Boehner then swore in all members and delegates-elect, including Bordallo.

Bordallo and her fellow delegates face new challenges in the GOP controlled House, which moved quickly to deny the delegates, all democrats, a vote in the so-called “Committee of the Whole,”  where the whole House acts as a committee to amend bills.

It was a vote delegates had under democrat control. In reaction, Bordallo told PNC News  “a very big disappointment, they talked about inclusion, transparency, allowing every member of the house to have a voice. Well, you’re cutting off 4.5 million U.S. citizens, living in territories, U.S. territories.”

And republicans vow to end ‘earmark’ funding of pet projects, which could cost Guam and other territories millions, as it did during last year’s lame duck session, when Guam lost close to $10-million for projects including Apra Harbor improvements for the military build-up.

Bordallo meantime, reintroduced her Guam War claims bill, also scuttled last year by GOP opponents and says she’ll press on with efforts to deal with the military build-up and Guam’s economic problems.