VIDEO: Branch Says Democratic Party Needs Gutierrez to Help With Campaign


Guam – The Democratic Party of Guam is asking former Governor Carl Gutierrez to withdraw his candidacy for the office of the public auditor. The party’s Executive Director Carlo Branch says that Democrats need his help with campaigning.

“The way the statute is written for the Office of Public Auditor prevents anyone from participating in a partisan political activity that means a pro Democrat or pro Republican activity,” said Gutierrez. Guam Democratic Party Executive Director Carlo Branch says that the party needs Carl Gutierrez now more than ever which is why they are asking him not to run for public auditor so that he can help other party members campaign for office. 

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“And the world that we’re facing now in the last couple of weeks has changed significantly the governor has sent down a proposal which would significantly cut maternity leave for pregnant and expectant mothers on Guam which would severely hamper the rights of sick people to return to a job and that we think is a serious attack on families,” said Branch. 


He adds that they’re also concerned about the National Republican party’s campaign platform which calls for allowing the government of Guam to lower minimum wage below the federal floor.

“And with all of these attacks an attack on minimum wage an attack on maternity leave an attack on personal leave for teachers we need every major fighter in the Democratic party to help us hold the line against these attacks for working class people,” said Branch adding, “Carl Gutierrez is the last living grass roots governor and if the democrats are going to be able to protect working families we need him to be with us in the villages to motivate our base.”

 In a letter signed by acting party Chairwoman Gloria Nelson, Speaker Judi Won Pat, Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz, Legislative Secretary Tina Muna Barnes, and majority leader Rory Respicio Gutierrez is asked to withdraw his candidacy because it prevents him from campaigning for the Democrats. The letter states that the party has excellent candidates in the delegate, senatorial, mayoral and vice-mayoral races.

“However our opposition is formidable and in order for our party to win we must work aggressively together.” It goes on to state that “For this reason we respectfully ask you to consider declining your candidacy on the general election ballot for the office of public auditor and rejoin our party, helping to lead us to victory in November.”

 The former governor has just come off of a write-in campaign in which he received a total of 4,842 votes against current Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks who received 14,472. Could this be why Democrats are asking him to withdraw from his bid for public auditor? “You know Carl Gutierrez has won elections and Carl Gutierrez has lost elections but one thing Carl Gutierrez has never been is afraid, he has stood up to the wealthiest on Guam the most powerful on Guam and he has never backed down so he will always have his critics just like our party will always have it’s critics but he if he does leave this race is leaving because we need him and for no other reason than that,” said Gutierrez.

 Branch says Gutierrez will make a decision by noon Friday.

Meanwhile the Guam Election Commission has confirmed that Gutierrez has filed a police & court clearance as well as an organizational report and candidate information card.

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