VIDEO: Brand New Stretch of Rt. 4 Already Warped, Rippled


Guam – A stretch of newly paved road heading into Yona already has bumps in it and may need to be repaved. Residents of the village have been complaining about a brand new section of Rt. 4 that is already warped.

Rt. 4 has been under construction for years now and just when this section of Rt. 4 heading into Yona from Pago Bay was completed motorists noticed it already had problems. The newly paved section of road appears to be warped. When driving through the section it doesn’t look bad at first glance but it has very noticeable bumps. It makes the vehicle feel as if one of the tires are blown or extremely off balance but it’s really just the road.


Yona’s newly elected Mayor Kenjo Ada says he’s already fielded complaints about this road. “As you’re driving up there’s a lot of ripples on it and over time it doesn’t get any better it doesn’t even out and it takes a toll on your car and over time it just gets worse and so what I’m hoping is I’m hoping that that’s not the final product that the contractor is doing for the road you know the people of Guam have invested a lot of money into that and that’s a road that we should be proud of and we should get a good product for it,” said Mayor Ada.

 Department of Public Works Director Carl Dominguez says he’s received numerous complaints about the road as well. “I’ve also actually driven over this road at least a couple of times and lot’s of people have actually brought it to my attention and I’ve felt the bumps and that’s the complaint why are there bumps on this very brand new road,” said Dominguez. The DPW Director says the contractor, Nippo Corporation, is aware of the bumps and the contractor has in fact tried to fix it mechanically but it didn’t work. According to the contractor the bumps were as a result of some faulty paving equipment. Dominguez says it’s not yet clear whether or not they’ll have to rip up the road again for repaving or if they can fix it another way. He’s also not sure how much the repairs will cost or if they will cost taxpayers.

 As for the mayor of Yona he just hopes that the road is done properly to allow for safe transportation to and from his village. “No one wins from it and it takes a toll on the cars and it takes a toll on the road and over time we’ll be back at doing that project again so the concern from the constituents is they just want it done right and we’ll move on from there,” said Mayor Ada.

 Domingeuz says they’ll have to speak with their consultants and the Federal Highway Administration as to how to proceed with the road project and who is responsible for paying for the repairs.