VIDEO: Braves Win Shortened Game; Improve to 8-0


Hagåtña, Guam- Da Braves beat the 76 Cardinal 9-2 in a game that ended in the 7th inning becuase of rain.

Braves win 9-2. Braves now (8-0) Cardinals now (5-3).

WP JP Aguon 2ks. LP Randall Yasuhiro 1k.

For the Braves Chad Palomo 1-2 1r 2rbis, Jim Reyes 1-1 1r 1rbi, Carl Quintanilla 1-3 2rbis w/a triple, John Salas 1-2 1r 1rbi and Rico Castro 1-3 1r.

For the Cardinals Jarred Alerta 1r, CJ San Miguel 1-3 1rbi, Shawn Dela Cruz 1rbi, Coby Barnes 1-3 w/a double, Jesse San Nicolas 2-3 1r and RP Allan Benavente 2ks. Next Game, Thursday Phillies (4-3) vs BOG (5-2).