VIDEO: Breakfast & Lunch Served For Free at 9 DOE Schools


Guam – Students in the lunch line at nine Department of Education schools are eating for free this year, regardless of their family’s income. Breakfast is also being served at no cost to the students families.

The schools were chosen as pilots for the Provision 2 Special Assistance Alternative under the USDA Food and Nutrition Service, easing the burden of paperwork for the free and reduced breakfast and lunch programs.

“Provision 2 is a four year cycle,” DOE Food Services Manager Paul Cruz explains. “In Provision 2 the schools are required to serve meals to all participating students at no change and thats the sweet thing about this whole program.”

The first year of the program is called the “Base year” and Cruz says its important that parents still fill out their free and reduced meal applications for data collecting purposes.

“The base year is very critical because all the data has to be gathered through the applications so the application process still goes on as normal,” Cruz told PNC.

Astumbo elementary and the other pilot schools were selected because they have a high percentage rate of students who qualify for free and reduced meals as well high participation in the meal program.

If the program is successful at the nine pilot schools Cruz says it could be expanded to include other schools in the future.

At Astumbo, Principal Derrick Santos says the feedback from parents so far has been positive.

“Sometimes they still like to feed their kids at home in the morning but should that happen they can’t make it they come to school and they got a meal on the table there waiting for them,” Santos said. “So at no cost to them so that’s a good thing.”

HB Price Elementary School, Inarajan Elementary School, Inarajan Middle School, JQ San Miguel, Merizo Elementary, Oceanview Middle School, Okkodo High School, and Talofofo Elementary School are also serving breakfast and lunch free of charge this year as part of the pilot program.