VIDEO: Burial Held For 11 Unclaimed Babies at Pigo Cemetery


Guam – The Catholic Archdiocese held an interment ceremony for 11 unclaimed babies who were either aborted or miscarried.

The burial ceremony was held at the Pigo Catholic Cemetery  where dozens in attendance said prayers for the babies.

Tim Rohr of the Esperansa Project, a pro-life organization, says that the ceremony is held at least once every two years.

Many of the bodies are stored at the Guam Memorial Hospital and the caskets and plots are usually donated. He says there are still hundreds of unclaimed babies who do not get a proper burial because they don’t meet the “legal definition” of a human being.

“Well we do know that there’s an abortion approximately every 1.2 days on Guam. So there’s at least one dead baby or body that has to be disposed of and the law’s unclear about what to do with those children,” Rohr says.

Rohr says that it’s still unclear how many bodies of babies at GMH still waiting to be claimed. He adds that he’s told many of the bodies that don’t meet the legal limit of 20 weeks gestation are sent to an incinerator.