VIDEO: Cabras 1 Off Line for 50 Days for Overhaul, Plenty of Power in Reserve


Guam – The Guam Power Authority has commenced the overhaul of Cabras Unit No. 1.

The overhaul started last week and is scheduled to be down for the next 50 days. Crews will be performing maintenance activities to improve availability and reliability of the baseload unit.

The maintence will “improve the performance of pumps and motors on various equipment, install new digital controls and a boiler management system, install new boiler tubes,” said Generation Manager Sal Managa.  In addition to maintenance, specialized technical experts will conduct boiler inspections and perform calibration on automated control systems. 

GPA Spokesman Art Perez said “As one of our largest baseload generators, having it online burns more efficient fuel. Right now, we have more than enough back up generators running at this time. After Cabras 1 is done, we’ll do maintenance on other base load generators.” 

Perez also said that GPA will be working on getting Cabras Unit 1 back up and running within the time frame. Cabras Unit 1 is a 66 megawatt unit capable of providing 1/3 of the island’s power needs.

The cost of the overhaul was approximately $5 million and and covers capital investments, maintenance and specialized technical work.