VIDEO: Cabras #1 Overhaul Completed On Time and On Budget


Guam – The Guam Power Authority has completed its overhaul of Cabras Unit #1. The 66 megawatt generator is now back on line.


Cabras #1 is capable of providing up to one-third of the islands power needs.

The overhaul took nearly 2 months and cost about $5 million dollars.

GPA Spokesman Art Perez says it was completed within budget and on time.

Perez says Cabras #2 is next in line for an overhaul, and that should begin early next year.  

READ the release from GPA below:

The Guam Power Authority has completed the overhaul of Cabras Unit No.1.

The overhaul was completed within time, scope and budget. Cabras Unit No. 1 is a 66 megawatt unit capable of providing 1/3 of the island’s power needs. During the overhaul, crews performed maintenance activities that will improve the availability and reliability of this baseload unit.

“Crews conducted maintenanceimprovingthe performance of pumps and motors on various equipment, installed new digital controls and a boiler management system, replaced pneumatic valves, installed new boiler tubes, installed new traveling screen, as well as other work aimed at increasing the availability and reliability of Cabras No. 1,” stated Sal Managa, Generation Manager, “With this unit on line, our focus will now shift to Cabras No. 2 for an extensive overhaul as well.”

Specialized technical expertsconducted boiler inspections; performed calibration on automated control systems; and conducted other maintenance alongside GPA maintenance personnel working on plant equipment.

“The cost of the overhaul remained within the budgeted amount of $5M. This covered the capital investments, maintenance, and specialized technical work,” remarked Managa, “The time spent on this overhaul also laid the groundwork for other improvements that will be planned as future investments into plant life extensions and reliability.”