VIDEO: Island Leaders Remain Confident Buildup Will Happen, Despite NDAA Conference Committee Results


Guam – While some of Guam’s leaders are disappointed with the funding cuts to the buildup both the administration and legislative buildup committee chair are confident that the buildup will still happen.


“We believe that the military build-up will proceed but I think this recent turn of events is really a wake up call to address a number of different things one is the government of Japan has to address the Futenma Replacement Facility that’s number one number two the Department of Defense has to come up with their master plan as well to the satisfaction of those on the hill who are in charge of the budget making process,” said Governor Eddie Calvo’s Chief of Staff Frank Arriola. Arriola says the cuts to Guam buildup spending made by the house and senator conference committee is a wake up call for those powers to be to get moving on their plans for the buildup.

Buildup committee Chairwoman Senator Judi Guthertz also believes that the buildup will still occur. “Do you think the buildup is dead? No I do not think the buildup is dead I believe the buildup will happen but I believe the time lines will be very different than what was originally proposed which was 2014 which was almost impossible to achieve and will probably spread out to about 220 that is my personal view on the buildup,” said Senator Guthertz. The senator however is still disappointed with the way Guam and it’s leaders have been treated throughout the buildup process. “It’s almost like being seduced and abandoned great promises and then erasing those promises for the Guam buildup,” said Senator Guthertz.

As for how this reduced spending will affect Gov Guam’s finances Arriola says it’s too early to tell but they aren’t stopping with any of their other economic initiatives.