VIDEO: CCU Chair Says Decision by GWA & GPA Not to Observe Heritage Day Holiday Was In the Interest of Rate Payers


Guam – The Consolidated Commission on Utilities is standing by its decision not to pay Guam Power Authority workers holiday pay for the time they worked on Monday March 3rd. The day was declared a GovGuam Holiday by Acting Governor Ray Tenorio but the decision wasn’t announced until the Wednesday before. A number of GPA employees attended last week’s ccu meeting to find out why they didn’t receive holiday for working on the heritage day holiday.

CCU Chairman Simon Sanchez says the commission promised the workers that they would prepare a written explanation for the decision and their legal counsel is currently working on it.  


While he supports the idea of a heritage day holiday when planned appropriately, Sanchez says the decision not to pay holiday pay was made in the interest of rate payers.

“You’ve got 40,000 rate payers out there you’re about to hit them unbudgeted, unplanned $35,000 and you’re about to tell them if you were planning to do business with the utility on Monday now you can’t?” Sanchez said. “We think there’s better ways to do holidays.”

Sanchez says the CCU believes that it is within their authority to accept or reject an executive order regarding holidays.