VIDEO: Chad DeSoto Found GUILTY of Tumon Rampage; Sentencing Set for September 25th


Guam – Chad DeSoto has been found guilty on all counts in the February 12 Tumon crash and stabbing rampage last year which claimed the lives of  3 Japanese people and injured 11 others.

The 10 woman, 2 man jury were in their 10th day of deliberations this morning when they announced they had finally reached a verdict, guilty of  3 counts of aggravated murder, and guilty of 11 counts of attempted aggravated murder.


The 22 year old DeSoto was accused of  careening down a Tumon sidewalk in his car at high speed, running some people over, crashing his car into the Outrigger’s ABC Store, and then leaping out and stabbing people at random.

81 year old Kazuko Uehara and 29 year old Rie Sugiyama were stabbed to death. 51 year old Hitoshi Yokota  was hit by the car and died at GMH 2 days later.

At issue in the trial was not whether he did it, but whether he could be held legally responsible for what he did. Or whether he was not guilty by reason of mental illness.

The prosecution argued that the attack was premeditated and motivated by his bitterness over the recent break-up with his girlfriend.

The defense maintained that that break-up caused DeSoto to spiral into depression. But the jury has now rejected that argument and found him guilty.

DeSoto now faces a term of life in prison.  Sentencing has been scheduled for September 25th.