VIDEO: Chamber, “We Are Guahan” Defend Surveys, Some Candidates Have Already Responded


Guam – The Democratic Party of Guam has issued an advisory to all of it’s senatorial candidates advising them not to answer either We Are Guahan’s or the Chamber of Commerce’s military buildup surveys.

Both We Are Guahan and the Guam Chamber of Commerce have sent senatorial candidates buildup surveys. However, the Democratic party of Guam is advising it’s candidates to not respond to either one because they feel the surveys pose questions that are too complex to answer with a yes or no.

READ the Chamber’s letter to lawmakers HERE

READ the “We Are Guahan” survey HERE   

We Are Guahan’s survey asks five questions:

1) do you support the department of defense getting more land?

2) do you support the destruction of over seventy (70) acres of coral reef to accommodate a nuclear aircraft carrier?

3) should the department of defense pay for impacts on our water system, wastewater system, roads, port, schools and hospital?

4) do you believe most people on guam will benefit economically from the buildup?

5) do you support the military buildup?

 The Chamber of Commerce asks if candidates will support a proposition that reads in part: “I support any program by our military to enhance it’s presence in the Mariana islands. It is certainly a noble opportunity to serve our country’s interest as well as our own. but more importantly, it is an opportunity to strengthen our economic and social well being and widen our horizons for the benefit of all Guamanians and their future generations. Our hope is that this will open the doors too long closed to us to being recognized as a constructive and integral part of the United States with full grant of all constitutional rights of citizenship and representation.”

 “We found that neither of the surveys allowed for a full and clear discussion of the real issues at the heart of the buildup instead both surveys attempted to promote a slant,” said Demcratic Party Executive Director Carlo Branch adding, “to put it very simply we are in favor of the buildup but not a buildup at any cost and we feel that these surveys do not allow for a full explanation of our position.” So instead the Democratic Party has asked that all it’s candidates simply submit a written statement explaining in full their stance on the buildup.

 We Are Guahan Attorney Leevin Camacho says that their survey is an opportunity for candidates to make clear their stance on the buildup. “These questions we’ve phrased them in such a way that they can be answered yes or no and again if you want to explain then sure you’re more than welcome to but the people of Guam need to know where you stand because that’s the only way that we can hold our leader’s accountable right if you don’t give an answer if you don’t say what you stand for if you kind of hide behind an ambiguous win win for Guam we’re never gonna know what exactly you’re gonna fight for and what exactly you’re gonna compromise on,” said Camacho.

 Guam Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mark Sablan says that the objective of their survey was to get a simple yes or no answer on whether or not the candidates support the buildup. “I think more importantly to show the federal government meaning the people back in the capital that Guam is supportive of the buildup so that simple yes or no answer would definitely answer that question it’s as simple as that,” said Sablan.

 We Are Guahan has already received several responses from both Republicans and Democrats to their survey, meanwhile only Democrat Senator Adolpho Palacios has responded to the Chamber of Commerce’s survey.

Permanent Striping and Reflectors to be Installed on Route 4

(August 21, 2012 – Tamuning) The Department of Public Works has issued an alert to the motoring public that intermittent lane closures at various locations along Route 4, between the intersection at Route 10 and McDonalds in Hagåtña, will occur from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, August 25 and Sunday, August 26.

Construction crews will be striping lanes and installing permanent reflective markers. The work will include the installation of concrete collars around various manholes along the route. 

Motorists should expect delays when traveling in the area.  The DPW asks all travelers to proceed with caution and obey all traffic signs and flagmen.


For more information contact

Guam Transportation Information Center 
Telephone: 646-3452 Fax: 646-3449