VIDEO: Chamorro Affairs Asks Island Residents to Submit Historic Photos of Guam


Guam – If you have pictures of historic Guam, the Department of Chamorro Affairs is asking that you turn it in to be potentially featured at the Guam Museum set to open late next year.

At a press conference today, Chamorro Affairs Director Joseph Cameron made a call out to the public for photographs of Guam dating back to pre-spanish era all the way to the present that depict the history of Guam or the chamorro culture. Cameron welcomes all conditions, noting that even damaged photos can be restored through modern technology.

“What we would like to do is to more than likely look at your pictures that you would bring to us that gives some significance. Now when I say the word significance, do not take it upon yourself to think that the pictures you have are not significant. Every picture has a significant point of history that can attach to other type of events during that period,” says Cameron.

For more information on how to submit your photograph, you can contact Bertha Galimba at 475-6727 or 475-4230 or email her at