VIDEO: Clark Cites Receiver’s Own Reports as Proof of Mismanagement, Seeks an Accounting From GBB


Guam – The Federal Receiver is defending its handling of the construction of the Layon landfill and the pending, final, closure of the Ordot dump amidst accusations by the Calvo Administration of wasteful spending and mis-management of funds.


But Chief Policy Adviser Arthur Clark is sticking by the accusations. And he cites the Receiver’s own reports as proof.


READ the statement from GBB Principal Associate David Manning below:

Statement of the Receiver

It is disappointing that the Office of the Governor has chosen mudslinging over cooperation in addressing the solid waste issues that are so critical to the people of Guam.  It is clear that we struck a nerve when we submitted our analysis of the contract recently negotiated with GRRP that would turn operations of solid waste over to GRRP, causing dramatic increases in the rates paid by all solid waste customers.

All of our expenses have been reviewed by the District Court and we have been subjected to two full audits by Guam’s Public Auditor and there have been no findings of double billing or improper expenses. The transparency of our expenses is an indication of the openness with which we have approached our work on Guam.

Federal contractors like GBB working on Guam, under federal regulations receive a per diem for living expenses while on Guam.   At the beginning of our work on Guam we decided to do our best to keep living expenses low by submitting detailed receipts of expenditures to the Court and we agreed to be reimbursed the lesser of the actual expenses or the per diem for federal contractors.   This has resulted in savings to the people of Guam of more than $300,000 since the beginning of our work and complete transparency for all of our expenses.  Had we simply accepted the per diem, cost to Guam would have been far higher and the transparency of our expenses would have been far less.

The Governor’s Office says it has been denied access to the spending of GBB.  This is simply not true.  All spending by the Receiver on behalf of GSWA are submitted to the Government before the expenditures are made and they are given an opportunity to object.  No objections have been made.

All of the payments to the Receiver approved by the Court are published electronically by the District Court each time they are paid, along with the detailed invoice and receipts for expenses.   All of the attorneys involved in the case, including Mr. Mantanona and Ms. Miller, and the media have full access to this information.

When we began our work on Guam the Government of Guam was spending $11,000 each day for renting equipment while government owned equipment and workers sat idle.  Trash collections were a complete mess and the Ordot Dump was an environmental and operational disaster.  The Receiver cut out this wasteful spending and brought order and dependability to the chaotic conditions found in the solid waste operations of the Government of Guam.

All of the issues raised in Mr. Mantanona’s brief filed with the Court this week are a rehash of arguments previously made by the Office of the Governor and shown in numerous other filings with the Court, to be without foundation.   

One of the biggest complaints raised by Mr. Mantanona and the Governor’s Office is that we have not raised the rates charged solid waste customers.  We have not raised the rates because we do not need to raise the rates.  If they wish to raise the rates to allow them to spend money on other things, they are free to do so.

If Mr. Mantanona and the Governor’s Office want the Receiver to be gone, they should cooperate with us as the Court continuously urges them to do, instead of continuing to sling mud and throw up roadblocks to completing our work.