VIDEO: Classes at Southern High Now Begin at 6:50am; Earliest Bus Pick-Up Is at 5:30am


Guam – (Monday October 28) – The morning bell rang earlier at Southern High School today, with classes beginning 6:50am.

It was the first day of a new bell schedule meant to correct busing problems in the elementary and middle schools in the southern part of the island.

“Our elementary school students are sometimes getting to a school a little bit later than we’d prefer, middle school students are getting home close to 5pm in some parts of the south, and its just not working,” Superintendent Jon Fernandez said of the old schedule.

While the change was only announced to parents last Wednesday, Fernandez says the adjustment was made based on input from parents at southern and other schools.

The change however had some students waiting up to 45 minutes for the bus as they arrived at their bus stops earlier than necessary.

“The information we’re getting from DPW is this that they should not be at their stops any earlier than 5:30am and those are the first stops at some of our southern most villages,” Fernandez told PNC. “A more detailed schedule will be made available when DPW finalizes it but none of this showing up
at the bus stop before 5 or anywhere close to that.”

DPW Bus Superintendent Frank Taitano this afternoon told PNC that busing went smoothly considering that it was the first day of a new schedule. He said the last bus left Inarajan Middle School by 3:45, 15 minutes earlier than before. Taitano adds that bus drivers will begin telling students more accurate pick-up times this week.

One of the buses leaving Inarajan Middle School today however was involved in an auto/bus collision between the Ylig bridge and Turtle Cove at about 4:10pm.