VIDEO: Closing Arguments – Prosecution Accuses DeSoto of “Acting”


Guam – The prosecution in the DeSoto murder trial spent nearly the entire afternoon presenting their closing arguments in what will perhaps go down as one of the most famous insanity defense cases in Guam history.

“Actions speak louder than words. That’s what this case is about,” began Lead Prosecutor Phil Tydingco.

It’s the actions of Chad Ryan DeSoto that will prove he was not psychotic or delusional at the time he unleashed a killing spree on 14 unsuspecting victims on February 12, 2013, according to Tydingco; not the words of DeSoto, or the handful of defense witnesses who may have a bias in the case.

Indeed, what DeSoto himself reports about his mental history and what his girlfriend, Reanne Acasio, says of her boyfriend’s deteriorating condition may render a diagnosis of psychosis or schizophrenia, but Tydingco emphasized that’s only assuming they were being truthful. 

“They’re both actors,” he says bluntly. “Remember that instruction on credibility of witnesses? Please look at that.”

Tydingco also suggests that because DeSoto is such a good actor, he even had time to “research his role” when he was evaluated by psychiatrists months later. DeSoto was evaluated at least four times. The first time was by DOC Psychologist Dr. Andrea Leitheiser, two days after the attack. 

“Close in time, within two days, she found no evidence of delusions, no evidence of hallucination, no psychosis, she thought his thoughts were organized,” he points out.

Next was court appointed psychiatrist Dr. Michael Kim, who conducted his eval two about three weeks later on March 7. His findings were similar to that of Dr. Leitheiser; that he was depressed, but not psychotic at the time.

But with results that could destroy his insanity defense, Tydingco says the next two times he was evaluated, DeSoto suddenly was psychotic and schizophrenic.

Paid by the DeSoto family, Dr. Martin Blinder conducted his evaluation in June 2013 and Dr. Karen Fukutaki, rendering a second opinion for the court, performed hers in November 2013. 

“It’s curious, at least to me, because Dr. Fukutaki’s evaluation months later gives birth to a whole new set of facts and stories. More symptoms,” he exclaims. “You can reasonably infer that this defendant has had time to research, in fact, she even told you that he researched–good actors research their roles.”

“The famous Dr. Martin Blinder. He testified that this was the most severe, profound depression or psyhcosis I’ve ever seen in my career,” Tydingco said mockingly. “But he couldn’t remember how much time he spent interviewing the defendant.”

So what was the motive? Tydingco says it’s plain and simple: DeSoto was angry about his girlfriend dumping him. And this is a fact that Tydingco says Acasio deliberately left out to protect her boyfriend.

“She didn’t tell you she dumped him the day before, the night before in an 8 hour skype that could’ve been a baby come back conversation. Her testimony is that it was 8 hours of strange talking but we also learned that he was planning to join her and she crushes his goals and dreams by breaking up with him night before. And so what does he tell her? ‘You will forgive me for what I’ll do tonight,'” he stated.

So DeSoto unleashed his fury on a grand stage, the tourist district of Tumon. And not just any area. The same area where scenes of the movie he starred in were shot,” says Tydingco.

“It’s not a mere coincidence. He’s center stage again.”

The defense will begin presenting its closing arguments tomorrow morning at 9 am.