VIDEO: CNMI Will Implement ObamaCare, Despite Challenges


Saipan –  While it may pose some challenges, the CNMI will implement Obamacare, or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to CNMI Commerce Secretary Sixto Igisomar, who is also the state insurance commissioner.


Igisomar told Saipan Tribune that one of the challenges the CNMI faces is its ability to enforce market reforms under the ACA. Some examples of these market reforms are pre-existing conditions exclusion; fair health insurance premium; guaranteed availability of coverage; non-discrimination in healthcare; and many others.

President Barrack Obama signed the ACA in March 2010 and its intention is to insure all Americans and reduce the costs of healthcare, including regulating the premium rates of health insurance carriers. This law includes several provisions and policies that are being challenged by many states.

It was earlier revealed that more than 18,000 individuals in the CNMI are not insured with any insurance carriers and are not even covered by the government-run Medicaid program. This represents 33 percent of the Commonwealth’s 53,800 population, based on 2010 Census.