VIDEO: Colorado Psychiatrist Appointed in DeSoto Murder Case


Guam – A forensic psychiatrist from Colorado will be performing a psychological evaluation on 21-year-old Chad Ryan DeSoto, on November 2.

DeSoto is facing multiple murder charges for the February 12 Tumon Rampage that left three dead and 11 others injured.

At a hearing today, Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola appointed Forensic Psychiatrist Dr. Karen Fukataki as a  defense expert who will not only review the first psychological evaluation performed by Naval Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Michael Kim, but conduct a second evaluation as well.

Dr. Fukataki tells PNC via telephone that she only received the court order from Judge Sukola last week, but could not comment on the case or the mechanism of her evaluation because she has not received the case file.

Dr. Fukataki will perform her evaluation on Nov. 2. DeSoto’s defense team will then review her findings before returning to court on Dec. 18.

Judge Sukola notes that the dates should give DeSoto’s legal counsel, Public Defender Eric Miller enough time to analyze the Dr. Fukataki’s findings. Sukola says she’ll set the matter for trial during the Dec. 18 hearing, which means jury trial will not likely begin until some time next year.