VIDEO: Crown Bakery Rape Victim Tells All on K-57


Guam – In a courageous and bold move, a woman who was physically and sexually assaulted last October from the Crown Bakery parking lot has come forward in a tell-all detailing her horrific experience and how she managed to escape. It was all on the K57 radio show yesterday afternoon.

It has been three months since she was abducted and sexually and assaulted while bound by her arms and legs, but “M,” the name she goes by to protect her identity, remembers the details as clear as day. She was on the K57 Big Show yesterday describing a full, chilling account of the events that took place from the time she was taken to the time she escaped.

The assailant has been identified by police as 33-year-old Ray Charles Tedtaotao Camacho. M describes what happened after he drove her around while waiting for directions from his accomplices.

“He was trying to rape me again, and God answered my prayers. Like I said he was on and off the phone with people letting him know that I had money in my house. So the phone rang. So he stopped from there told me to get back on the ground put the seat back over me and started driving around again,” says M.

From there, M says Camacho drove her to a jungle area in Northern Guam. She describes his demeanor and some of the threats he made against her.

“Every time he would say something to me, I would just comply and he would tell me I’m not gonna rape you but then turn around and tell me I want you. That’s what he would say to me or he would tell me I’m not gonna hurt you but then turn around and tell me or ask me how do I wanna die, by gun shot or by knife,” she says.

“At this point, also, he had already tied me up. he was going around my car looking for stuff and he found my school scissors so he cut the seatbelt in my car and at that point I think that was the only other time where I was really, really scared because I figured he had the scissors and the scissors were sharp so I was scared that he was gonna stab me or do something to me, that he was gonna kill me,” she testifies.

While in the floor of the back seat with the passenger seat reclined to prevent her from escaping, M says she devised a plan of escape. She says she positioned herself in a way in which she could use her feet to unlock the back door.

“I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity when I can lift the seat up. I was gonna stab him in the neck, or stab him wherever I was gonna stab him so I can get out of the car and run. And at that point I didn’t care if I didn’t have anything on my bottom, I watned to get out of the car. And my thinking was if I didn’t make it out of the car, at least somebody would see me struggling to get out of the car. My objective at that point was I wanted to kill him, I wanted to stab him, I was just waiting for the perfect moment,” she says candidly.

M says Camacho then left the car, telling her not to flee and that he’d be back for her. But then, she says, he made the mistake of leaving the keys in the ignition. To her, this was the perfect opportunity to escape. After a few moments of silence, she lifted up the passenger seat, pulled her shorts back on and jumped into the driver’s seat as fast as she could to drive away.

“At that point I was screaming, I was crying, I had my hand on the horn trying to get as much attention as I can. I turned on my hazards, I rolled down my window. I was trying to flag people dow., Nobody was paying attention to me,” she explains.

Camacho was arrested a few days later. He’s currently behind bars on $250-thousand dollars bail. Two other people were also arrested in connection to the case, 41-year-old Corrina Lyn Blas and 43 year old Raymond Torres Tedtaotao. M says she was extremely relieved when the suspects were caught and has some words of encouragement for other victims of sexual assault.

Camacho is facing numerous rape charges, as well as kidnapping, robbery, assault and terrorizing charges. His next hearing is on January 28 in Judge Anita Sukola’s courtroom.