VIDEO: Cruz Pulls Civil Service “Closed Door” Bill After Governor Vows Veto


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz says a measure he introduced to allow the Civil Service Commission to conduct closed door deliberations on select appeals is now dead.

Bill #102 stirred controversy at a public hearing Monday when former Senator Bob Klitzkie criticised the proposal saying it would violate Guam’s Open Government law.

Civil Service Director Tony Lamorena defended the measure saying its aim was to protect the safety of Commissioners against threats from GovGuam employees facing termination.

However Governor Calvo announced Wednesday  he is “vehemently” opposed to the bill and would veto it if it passes.

Senator Cruz told us Bill #102 is now history.

Reacting to Senator Cruz’s decision to kill the bill, former Senator Klitizkie said he is “pleased”, adding that “it is a good result for a bill that should never have been introduced in the first place.”

CSC Director Lamorena told PNC he would “not pursue the legislation any further.”

READ Bill #102 HERE 

READ the Statement from the governor’s Office below:

“The Calvo Tenorio administration vehemently opposes the legislation proposing to shroud the Civil Service Commission in further secrecy. Bill No. 102 is antithetical to the administration’s stance on transparency.

“The CSC testimony in support of the measure was not sanctioned by the Front Office, and the action will be dealt with accordingly. Members of the administration are required to subscribe to the Governor’s policies and philosophies, chief among them his commitment to transparency.

“The Civil Service Commission is not a privately-run and funded operation, and has no right to hide its proceedings from the public. Government officers do not have a privilege above the people they serve. The people are the boss, and they have the right to information about their government.

“The administration is frustrated as it is with the multitude of federal and local laws that regulate our ability to release information we believe should be public. We do not need another law shielding government officers from the hot-white scrutiny of the media and the public. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor urge senators to defeat Bill No. 102. If it arrives on the Governor’s desk, it will be met with an immediate veto.”