VIDEO: CSC Director Lamorena Working With GPD Following Governor’s Order to Investigate Threats


Guam – Civil Service Commission Director Tony Lamorena says his agency is working with the Guam Police Department to comply with Gov. Eddie Calvo’s directive ordering GPD to investigate claims of threats against civil service commissioners and staffers. The directive was issued yesterday after Lamorena made a public outcry over the safety of the CSC. Lamorena clarified today that the threats he referred to this week were not death threats. Lamorena says that they were cases in which individuals have become rowdy and belligerent during a CSC hearing. He also says that there have been occasions in which some commissioners have been followed to their cars. Guam Police Department Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia says Chief Fred Bordallo is working with the CSC to look into the matter. 

“Now as far as I know, there hasn’t been any formal complaints filed, however, I think that the Chief will meet with Mr. Lamorena and see if there are any cases that need to be filed with us and we will handle it appropriately,” says Balajadia.

Lamorena made the allegations during a public hearing on Bill 102, a measure that would have allow the Civil Service to conduct certain proceedings behind closed doors and would have also allowed no transcript records to be kept. The bill is now dead, but Governor Eddie Calvo still wants an investigation conducted by the Guam Police Department on the threats. Balajadia notes that GPD is also looking into whether any of the threats involve police officers.

“Also if in the event that it’s involving any of our officers with cases pending at the civil service commission, we will look at whether or not it’s criminal in nature and investigate it as such or handle it administratively, or both,” he says.

Lamorena declined to go on camera but told us in an interview that “The Civil Service Commission wants to better ensure the safety of our commissioners and staff during meetings.”

Meanwhile, Gov. Calvo also directed GPD Chief Fred Bordallo to review the Blue House and Cepeda cases to see whether GPD has been open and transparent to the public. The Blue House prostitution case involves three police officers, two of whom are behind bars on numerous prostitution and criminal sexual conduct charges. The Cepeda case involves Emmanuel Cepeda who’s accused of murdering his estranged wife.

“We are under the advisement of the Attorney General’s Office that any questions regarding Blue House be referred to them,” Balajadia says.

“As far as the Cepeda case is concerned, there were some administrative actions taken against a few of our police officers,” he adds.

CSC Director Lamorena also says that the agency may request for police presence during its meetings.