VIDEO: Cyclists Ask Motorists to “Share the Road”


Guam – Bicyclists are making their presence on Guam’s roadways known through a campaign launched this morning which asks motorist to share the road.

Acting Governor Ray Tenorio announced the new campaign being led by the Guam Cycling Federation and other cycling organizations during a news conference at Adelup this morning. The privately funded campaign is intended to raise awareness about the Bicycle Safety Act of 2012 which sets clear guidelines for motorists and cyclists to follow.

“Guam has a very well defined cycling law one of our jobs is going to be to educate the public as to what that law is,” Guam Cycling Federation President Ben Ferguson said during the news conference. “We hope to reach out to some of the driving centers have them put some questions on the exam that talk about cycling and talk about what to do when you see a cyclist.”

Read Public Law 31-189 HERE

Ferguson said new road signs purchased with private funds will be posted once the permitting process is completed with the Department of Public Works. Public Service Announcement are also expected to air on local media soon.

“Through all those things I think we’ll accomplish the objective which is again to enhance the safety of cycling on the island of Guam,” Ferguson said.

“This is a great effort because its being done by people who care about bicycling and its being done by the private sector in concert with the public,” Tenorio said in his remarks.