VIDEO: Deputy Defense Secretary Carter Calls Governor Calvo, Tells Him Guam Is Safe From Threat of North Korean Attack


Guam – Deputy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter called Governor Eddie Calvo personnaly this Tuesday morning and re-assured him that Guam is safe from the threats of attack being made by North Korea.

The governor tells PNC that his conversation with Carter was part of a continuous dialogue he has had with the Department of Defense (DOD) about North Korea’s threats.

He says Carter wanted to assure the people of Guam that defensive measures are in place and Guam is protected.

“In a nutshell, it was more, again, reassurance of what is ongoing right now with the safety measures taken for the defense of Guam and the other American territories, and of course, re-emphasizing the importance of Guam to the United States,” said Calvo.

The governor told CNN last Friday, April 5, that Guam is just “one lucky shot” away from damage from a North Korean missile.

Meanwhile, the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system, and its crew of 95 U.S. Army personnel from Ft. Bliss, Texas are en route to Guam in response to the North Korea’s threats.