VIDEO: DeSoto Psych Eval Submitted but Sealed; Judge Will Decide Whether Defense Gets an Expert to Evaluate It


Guam – A defense expert could be appointed within 90 days for Chad Ryan DeSoto who would review his psychological evaluation.

The matter was discussed in court Wednesday, but behind closed doors because DeSoto’s psychological evaluation has been sealed. Judge Anita Sukola took the matter under advisement and has 90 days to render a decision, but noted in court that she hopes to make one sooner. Although DeSoto’s psychological evaluation has been sealed at this point, it will become public during his trial.

Meanwhile, DeSoto’s defense Attorney, Eric Miller, says he’s received most of the discovery he requested within the last few days. However, he is still waiting for evidence that’s with the FBI.

“At this time we requested all the videos of the crime scene that were in the possession of the Attorney General’s Office and this morning I received a package of a disc I was advised contains those videos. I had not had a chance yet to obviously see it,” Miller explains. “We also received the autopsy reports this morning that we had requested yesterday afternoon. We received the medical records for the emergency room which we had requested. We have not received the content of Mr. Desoto’s laptop, ipad, etcetera. I understand from Mr. Henderson that information is in the custody of the FBI.”

Assistant Attorney General Gerald Henderson updated Judge Sukola on progress made for turning over the remaining evidence in the case.

“I believe there’s some texts or any phone texts which I don’t think we’ve pulled but I will check. We’ll address that with Mr. Miller next week … the defense has requested to view the physicial evidence and we made that request today and we’ll get that in the works right away,” Henderson says.

DeSoto is facing attempted and aggravated murder charges in the death of three tourists and injuries of 11 others back in February. Judge Sukola notes that she will schedule the next hearing when she issues her decision on the appointment of a defense expert.