VIDEO: Diesel Fuel Leak Shuts Down Route 14 Into Tumon for About 5 Hours Friday


Guam – Route 14 was re-opened about 1pm today after this morning’s diesel fuel spill was cleaned up.  Route 14 is the Santos Hill road that leads down into Tumon from Marine Corps Drive.

About 250 gallons of diesel fuel spilled out of a storage tank used for the back up generator at the Bayview Hotel.

Guam Fire, DPW, EPA and Guam Homeland Security all responded to the scene. They “sopped-up” the spill using sand and other absorbent materials.

Guam EPA Administrator Eric Palacios says that a gauge on that diesel storage tank broke, allowing the fuel to leak out. However he says that none of the diesel fuel entered the storm drains that lead  into Tumon Bay.

Palacios called it “a very high priority” incident and eh said GEPA is conducting an investigation into how the gauge broke and penalties may be imposed, if warranted.

“Right now, the owner of the tank is responsible for the incident. What we need to find out now as regulators is whether it was just a failure with just wear and tear or negligence … It’s too early to make that determination”, he said.

READ the release from GHS/OCD below:

Guam Homeland Secuirty and the Office of Civil Defense uam Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense, the Guam Police Department, the Guam Fire Department, Department of Public Works and the Environmental Protection agency are responding to a diesel fuel spill on Rt. 14 by Ohana Bayview Hotel.

The road coming from Rt. 1 heading into Tumon (Santos Hill/Rt. 14) will be closed off until the all clear is given.

More information will be provided as it is received.