VIDEO: GMH Amnesty for Late Payers Ends; $300K Collected


Guam – Monday was the last day for Guam residents to take advantage of a discount program at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

The 60-day amnesty program was implemented in April and ended today at 5 pm.

The 50% discount applied to uninsured and self-insured patients who paid for services they received at GMH within 24 hours. GMH CFO Alan Ulrich says the program has been a huge success with more than $300 thousand dollars raised since the program was introduced.

He also notes that last Friday, GMH recorded its largest collection in one day since the program started.

“On Friday, our cashier’s actually collected 31k. Which was a real significant amount. Once again, we have a lot of receivables out there. But just for the people of Guam to step forward, take advantage of this 50 percent discount I think that’s very positive and I appreciate their payments and their coming to GMH to make these payments.”

Because of its huge success, Ulrich says GMH Administration may reintroduce the program in the future. Meanwhile, residents can still take advantage of another discount program. Self-pay patients who pay within 30 days can still receive 20 percent off their bills.