VIDEO: Disney Animal Kingdom Vet & Wildlife Preservation Team Back on Guam


Guam – The Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom Vet and Wildlife Preservation Team are back on island for their 4th visit to continue to help in Guam’s bird conservation and outreach efforts.

The Disney vets and animal care professionals have been working with the Department of Aquatic Wildlife Resources since their first visit in 2011 to help with the management of Guam’s endangered species.

One of Disney’s vets Dr. Deidre Fontenot said their goal is to continue that partnership while also focusing on educating the youth. 

Earlier this afternoon, the Disney team along with Dr. Shieh’s Clinic and Hyatt Regency Guam held a Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom Educational Outreach. Students had a chance to see firsthand some of Guam’s endangered birds like the Guam Rail better known as the Ko’Ko bird. 

Disney’s Hospital Zoological Manager Leanne Blinco said, “The kids and the people that live here they’re getting to see these guys in front of them which helps them be more passionate about them and the kids are the ones that are going to tell their parents we need to save these birds and we need to do something that will help these birds. They’re really in charge of the household.”

Dr. Fontenot said, “We’re also here to work with the Department of Aquatic Wildlife Resources on a lot of different projects. We do health assessments on the Ko’Ko birds and the Guam kingfisher which are unique to the islands”

She adds that there have been success stories in Rota and Cocos Island with evidence of breeding and population increase of the Ko’Ko’ bird. 

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