VIDEO: DOA Calls on AG to Mediate Dispute With Judiciary Over Health Coverage for Their Retirees


Guam –  DOA Director Benita Manglona is calling on Attorney General Lenny Rapadas to arbitrate the health insurance dispute between the Judiciary and the the Department of Administration.

The Judiciary has chosen  TakeCare to provide health insurance to its employees and retirees, breaking with the Governor’s decision to chose the non-exclusive health insurance option that offers 3 coverage choices.

Now,  the Department of Administration has informed the Judiciary that the choice they made excludes coverage for their retirees.

The Judiciary disagrees. Now Manglona wants the AG to referee the dispute. Judiciary Spokesman Josh Tenorio says they’re happy to talk it over with the Attorney General. But he says its the Legislature that decides by funding coverage for retirees.

Tenorio says the Judiciary welcomes dialogue with DOA and the Attorney General. And he hopes that they can avoid the worst case scenario, which would be settling the matter in court.