VIDEO: DOE Asks for $5.4M More to Finish Fiscal Year


Guam – The Department of Education is asking the Governor and the legislature for an additional $5.4 Million to finish out the current fiscal year.

During a special board meeting this week the Guam Education Board approved the request.

Superintendent Jon Fernandez explains that $2.4 Million of the request is an already anticipated utility expense which DOE requested but was not granted in the original budget.

The rest of the supplemental budget request is due to additional utility expenses resulting from the central office move to Tiyan, Untalan Middle School returning to its Barrigada campus, and the expansion of Okkodo High School as well the payroll expenses associated with the opening of a new high school in Tiyan.

“With regard to the instructional staff and the student support staff we’ve basically been able to staff Tiyan High School just based on the shifting enrollment but we know that we can’t duplicate the principals and assistant principals and the office staff and those are the types of positions that we need filled to run a separate facility for this new high school.”

If awarded, the supplemental funds will help carry DOE through the fiscal year which ends on September 30th.