VIDEO: DOE Says Timing of Active Shooter Training Over Holidays Is Mere Coincidence


Guam – Guam Department of Education officials will be participating in the Judiciary of Guam’s Active Shooter Training over the holiday break, giving teachers, administrators and other school staff the necessary training to respond to an “active shooter” on campus.

Although the training is scheduled in the wake of the Connecticut massacre that killed 20 school children and 6 adults at an elementary school, DOE Deputy Superintendent Robert Malay says the timing is mere coincidence.

Malay says the Active Shooter Training has been scheduled since November. He notes that every school has its own emergency response plan so that school employees are prepared to respond to any situation, whether it’s a gunman on campus or a natural disaster.

However, Malay adds that the Active Shooter Training does correlate to events such as what happened in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday when a lone gunman entered the Sandy Hook Elementary School campus and slaughtered 20 young students and 6 staff members.

“It is somewhat coincidental with some of the events that took place in Newtown, Connecticut that it seems like it’s a reactive thing but it is not. The department had planned on these trainings I think as early as November. But something like what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, this is exactly what the training is all about is to prevent something like that from happening,” says Malay.

The training will occur during the Christmas break. Malay says it’s important to schedule these types of training while school is not in session so that all resources are available during school hours.