VIDEO: DOE Superintendent Proposes “Community Watch” Program to Stop Vandalism in Schools


Guam -With several cases of vandalism and break-ins at Guam’s Public Schools over the past few months DOE Superintendent Dr Nerissa Underwood wants to make sure school facilities and watched at all times.  Since funding isn’t available to hire security, Underwood is asking the Community to be the eyes and ears for the schools.

Dr Underwood says she is working with the Guam Police Department to implement a “School Watch” program similar to the Neighborhood Watch Programs used in many communities throughout the nation.  The idea, which Underwood says is still in a conceptual stage, is to have volunteers from every neighborhood keeping an eye on the school in the community at all hours of the day.

“The number of vandalisms that our schools have suffered over the past few months has been discouraging,” Underwood said.  “Whenever there is a vandalism that takes place it disrupts and demoralizes the students.”