VIDEO: DPW Cuts Ribbon on Completion of Route 11 Projects


Guam- The Department of Public Works (DPW) is celebrating the completion of two projects in Piti with a special ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday morning.

DPW Director Carl Dominguez explains the Route 11 Shore Protection Improvement Project was done as another way to protect the shore against storm surges and roadway damage.

He also says the Route 1 project included the reinforcement of the Port Authority of Guam road from Marine Corps Drive and the construction of the Truck Enforcement Screening Station, also known as TESS. The total cost for both projects was $22.3 million dollars and was done by Core Tech International. Both were funded by the Federal Highway Administration and the Department of Defense. Dominguez mentions TESS has two ways of weighing heavy trucks coming out of the port. If the vehicles are overweight, he says some fees may be charged or trucks may be sent back.

“There’s a weigh-in motion scale a couple hundred yards down the road here,” said Dominguez. “If that scale detects a vehicle that’s over a certain limit, something in the order of 76 thousand [pounds], it’ll send a signal to a device to tell the truck driver to divert into this facility here. Then that truck will drive up to this scale right behind us, and this is called a static scale. The truck will stop and this static scale will weigh the truck and its cargo more accurately than the weigh-in motion scale.”

Dominguez adds the station is a DPW facility, but 7 employees from the Department of Revenue and Taxation Motor Carrier Division have been trained to conduct the operations at the site. A memorandum of understanding has been drafted between the agencies and once it signed, TESS will be up and running in the next few weeks.