VIDEO: DPW Director Says GWA to Blame For Digging a Hole in Newly Re-Opened Multimillion Dollar Road and Patching It With Gravel


Guam – A brand new stretch of road that was just recently repaved between Rt.8 in Maite and the Hagatna pool has already been partially dug up.

DPW Director Carl Dominguez says this hole was dug up by the Guam Waterworks Authority in order to fix a water leak. Dominguez says there’s no problem with GWA digging up a road to fix a leak in fact he encourages it because a leak underneath a road will eventually compromise the integrity of the road. 

However, his concern is that this road was not patched up properly. In fact GWA merely threw some gravel on top of the hole as a temporary fix. Dominguez says they’re supposed to use some asphalt as a temporary fix before a private contractor is hired to come in and make permanent road repairs.

 “Our agreement is that they do a temporary repair with what’s called cold mix asphalt and that prevents the excavation from getting worse. and So I expect them to repair that either the same day or the following day. Now from time to time they tell me that they run out of cold mix asphalt but then I’ve asked them hey don’t let yourselves run out of cold mix asphalt order some before you run out,” said Dominguez.

 Dominguez says there is a law on the books that requires that a contractor who is fixing the road be bonded and provide a one year warranty guaranteeing their work. The DPW director says that the permanent repairs should be done within the next few weeks.