VIDEO: DPW Director to Post Office “Prove It”; Dominguez Tells Mayors His Department Not Responsible for Bad Address Fiasco


Guam – With confusion over mailing addresses with the United States Postal Service still unresolved, Island Mayors met with Department of Public Works Director Carl Dominguez during a special meeting today to try to figure out the problem.

The USPS this week sent letters to address holders notifying them of what the postal service says is their “correct addresses”. While the letters claim the addresses were provided by DPW, Dominguez says he has not seen evidence of that. In fact, he told the mayors today that the address he was provided by the postal service this week says his village name is Santa Rita even though the DPW permit map on file shows it as Asan Piti.

Postmaster Emmanuel Thomas is currently off island but Dominguez told the mayor’s he’s sent an email to USPS Officer In Charge for Guam, Christopher Warren, asking to see the documentation showing the addresses DPW supposively provided the postal service. As of this morning he hadn’t received a response.

“My position this morning is if you show it to me, if DPW in the past somehow sent them erroneous information, then I’ll bite my lower lip and say okay,” Dominguez said during the meeting. “But if you can’t produce it i think you need to retract this sentence.”

Mayor’s Council Executive Director Angel Sablan told the mayors that he invited Warren today’s meeting but he was unable to attend. Sablan said that Warren did offer an explanation to him over the phone.

“He told me that those new addresses that are on those letters they got it from DPW’s 2001 data base,” Sablan announced. “And I said ‘Mr Warren it is now 2014…he said he’d check back and see what happened there.”

USPS Spokesperson for the region, Duke Gonzalos told PNC on Tuesday that zip codes on Guam were consolidated back in 2001, leading to the change of village names on mailing addresses.

But without anyone from the USPS sitting down with island leaders it’s hard to determine exactly what the root of the problem is.

Since there are also issues with street names and apartment numbers island mayors say the fiasco is causing serious problems for their residents.

“Dededo mayor last night called me because residents are having medications they’re not receiving them,” Mayors’ Council Vice President Robert Hofmann said on behalf of Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares. “They’re getting returned and banks are charging relabeling fees (for returned mail) so its costing the consumer and this has got to stop.”

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s Policy Advisor Jon Calvo was present at today’s meeting to hear the mayor’s concerns he told PNC that the Congresswoman will be sending out another letter to the Postmaster General asking him to resolve the issue.