VIDEO: Dr. Saad Declines to Provide Further Treatments to DOC Inmates Until He Gets Paid


Guam – The physician employed by the Department of Corrections,  Dr. Raja Saad,  is with-holding any further services to the island’s prison inmates because he has not been paid.

DOC Director Jose San Agustin told PNC News Friday that Dr. Saad has not resigned. But,  effective Thursday, he stopped coming to work at DOC.

San Agustin says Dr. Saad informed him that he won’t be coming back until he has been paid for the services he has already provided. Dr. Saad he plays a key role in processing incoming prisoners and and monitoring the physical health of inmates. He has been working at DOC for just over a year.

San Agustin said he understands the Doctor’s position and he is working to get him the money he is owed.

San Agustin: “He is still contesting the remainder of his pay, that for him to come back he wants me to pay him in full.”

PNC: “How much is it?”

San Agustin: “I will not share that with you. Its a pretty fair amount. But its reasonable what he is contesting. What I want to do is continue to work with the system and make it better so that we can pay these vendors timely. They do have bills, just like us, that they do have to pay. Just this morning we submitted the final invoices … to DOA.”

San Agustin says he hopes DOA will issue a check to Dr. Saad early next week and he also hopes the doctor will then return to work.